Posted by: clholoman | July 7, 2010

Don’t be “that intern”

With a hope that someday students, either current or prospective, might find this, I offer a link to a helpful blog from the Washington Post:  Campus Overload. It has lots of good stuff for college applicants, students, and recent grads. This summer, they are doing of a series of “profiles” of the annoying, unproductive, obnoxious, etc. intern, so that you won’t be “that intern”

Given that internships really are very important, it is critical that they are done well by all three of the partners in the experience: the school, the employer, and the student.

And, BTW, I really love the WaPo on line. I still think the NYTimes is the better paper overall but the WaPo’s online content crushes the Times.


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