Posted by: clholoman | July 9, 2010

And here’s the sports

I think I promised/warned you that some sports would probably find their (its?) way in here. But everybody knows we’re just marking time now until college basketball season. Still, I couldn’t resist noting my disappointment in LeBron’s decision. In the past four years, we’ve come to know and appreciate Cleveland, as we’ve gone back and forth to Oberlin, where our younger daughter was in school. It’s so like Buffalo in many ways, and has a few things Buffalo should so clearly borrow (in particular, the Broadway Market should get its act together and become the Buffalo version of the West Side Market.) So I feel bad that they’ve suffered this blow but know they will rebound (!, sorry.)

OTOH, I don’t feel so bad that I can’t revel in the fact that my White Sox are only 1/2 game back in the AL Central. Indians, meanwhile, mired in last.



  1. Sports fandom is so fickle that I doubt LBJ will notice more than a temporary dip in his endorsement income. Then back off the charts. On the other hand, the expectations for Miami’s Three Kings will be even higher. Maybe too high. Every loss will be analyzed to death as someone’s fault, because with that talent they should win every game. If they can mesh styles and egos they may be almost unbeatable. But that’s a big if in any professional sport.
    BTW, nice start to the blog. Might need a catchier name though.

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