Posted by: clholoman | August 2, 2010

Let us feast!

We had a nice celebration this morning on campus, including some of our friends from St. Bonaventure and the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph, to mark the Feast of the Pardon, a big day for Franciscans. It was originally a day when those who visited Francis’s home church received a special pardon. That church still stands, although it is now inside a large cathedral just down the hill from Assisi. It was Francis’s favorite place on earth and where he asked to be brought as he knew he was dying. Five years before his death, 5,000 friars attended their annual gathering there–a testament to the power of Francis’s message of peace in a violent time.

Here’s the church, the Porziuncola.

And here’s a picture of the walk from the cathedral back to Assisi that I made with my fellow Hilbert pilgrims when we were there two summers ago. There remains a difference of opinion as to whether or not forgoing the bus ride back was a mistake–it’s steeper than it looks. (But let the record reflect, I was on the side of walking.)

Probably no more entries until Thursday or so, as we are off for a leadership retreat for a few days.


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