Posted by: clholoman | August 5, 2010

How not to oversee a state university system

The NY state legislature shows once again why it is one of the worst in the country. Its barely functional processes led to a decision that will continue to hold back whatever potential the state university system has. Having made the ridiculous decisions in the past not to designate a flagship campus and to farm out (oops, that’s a terrible pun) many of the disciplines taught at land-grant universities in other states, now they continue to substitute their own judgments for that of the professional administrators, and in this case, the public as well, who approve of the plan to grant more autonomy to local campuses.

And one of the arguments is that they are concerned about access for low income students. Well, guess what? Thanks to the budget passed, we here at Hilbert are having to send letters out to all our incoming students, a large proportion of whom qualify for the highest level of PELL funding, saying “Sorry, you’ve got to come up with some more $$$, since the state has cut your TAP funding.”

What a mess. Lots of interesting stuff on other topics in the wind today, but had to get that off my chest.

(Full disclosure: Given that 1/2 our household income comes from the Research Foundation at the University of Buffalo, I am not a disinterested observer. But it’s hard to imagine anyone looking at the SUNY system and not coming to the conclusion that it’s a train wreck, thanks to the “oversight” of politicians.)



  1. Amen, brother!

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