Posted by: clholoman | September 1, 2010

This is important

Sorry for the lapse in posting (if anyone’s out there). Beginning of the year crunch going on. (That’s not the important part).

As noted in the blogroll over to the right, I’m a fan of Dan Drezner’s blog, but hadn’t had the time to look at it lately. I got to it today while eating lunch and found two nice pieces.

Here’s the important one, esp. if you are a student and especially especially if you are thinking about graduate school. It’s a nice list in response to a question of “how do you become an expert?” It’s not earth shattering or particularly novel, but is a good distillation of great advice.

The second piece is a follow-up to a book review Drezner wrote in the National Interest (is this getting a little too meta: a blog about a blog about other blogs about a book review?)

The review itself (here) is very interesting on different takes on the current/recent financial crisis; it’s a little on the technical side (but really, just a little). But the blog post is about the life-cycle of theories (or ideas) especially in political economy (my field, if you recall). But I think what they’re talking about goes back to one of my blog sub-themes: the state of knowledge in the social sciences. Good stuff, especially given that I think that a reasonable conclusion is that the current policy debates in Washington are mostly about which set of failed ideas should we be following  (to the limited extent that the debates are about ideas at all.)

I’ll try to post again before then, but if not, have a great Labor Day.



  1. Chris, Just to let you know that someone is following and reading your blogs. Nice mix of topics. Hope you have time to keep this going as the semester gets underway.

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