Posted by: clholoman | October 5, 2010

Taking out the trash

In Washington, “taking out the trash” means loading all the little stories you didn’t want to deal with onto a Friday press release, which leads to the slowest day of the news cycle. (I learned that from The West Wing, so it may be mythological. Particularly given that the episode with that title was tying up a bunch of loose plot lines, so it was nicely meta-, but be that as it may…). I really wanted to blog on two items yesterday, but time has passed us by, so you’ll have to find the links on your own but a quick nod to:

  • First Mondays. The Supreme Court opening is always an interesting day. A pretty good curtain-raiser (as us media junkies say) on the term from Adam Liptak in the NYT. I don’t think anybody has stepped up to follow Linda Greenhouse as the best SC reporter, even though Liptak is in her chair. Let me know if you have somebody you like. One of the people I really like, Dahlia Lithwick at Slate didn’t do a preview, but she has a very good and important article yesterday on the way the Roberts court is moving the law in ways that most people are missing (Slate is linked on the right.)
  • Monday was also the Feast of St. Francis. We had a really wonderful Peace Walk on campus (despite less than pleasant weather.)  The story, life, and message of St. Francis are truly inspiring, no matter what your faith.

Also on Slate, find the first entries into what will be a 10 part (IIRC) series where a self-professed non-buff will see what the effect of visiting Civil War battlefields is on their interest. As a buff myself, I am envious of the opportunity to do this road trip. This is an early entry in what should be a burst of Civil War stuff as the sesquicentennial starts. The centennial, in the mid ’60s (duh) stimulated a lot of general public interest in the war (or at least that’s the conventional wisdom.) It will be interesting to see if that happens again 50 years on.


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