Posted by: clholoman | October 28, 2010

Marx was right

Well, that levity didn’t last long.

One of the consequences of getting older, for me at least, is that it takes a lot more to move the needle on my outrage-o-meter. That said, if this report from NPR this morning is true, I think it’s really outrageous. Arizona’s new and controversial law that gives law enforcement officers greater ability to lock up people they deem to be possibly illegal was written by the for-profit prison operators!

Now, as a political scientist, I know that most bills are written by interest groups, lobbyists, etc, but when you combine this with the campaign contributions and the fact that the governor’s spokesperson and campaign manager BOTH were former lobbyists for the for-profit prisons this really looks like politics and, more disturbingly, law, at the service of capital.



  1. While much of the public is not aware of this, the connection between the private prison lobby and the new, harsh legislation has been pretty well documented for some time. The campaign to whip up hysteria over the supposed invasion of illegal immigrants is being fed not only by those who routinely profit from the nativist sentiments, but now also by those who have a profit motive. Ugly.

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