Posted by: clholoman | November 12, 2010

Friday grab bag

I am told that in the newspaper trade, columns made up of bullet points of random observations (“column as I see ’em” as one local journo calls his) are the sign of a writer who is either lazy or on deadline without an idea. I don’t think I’m particularly lazy (hmm) and certainly there’s no deadline, but at the end of 12 straight days of working, thanks to a conference last weekend, I don’t have the energy to elaborate much on the below, but they deserve note. They are in order of importance. I leave it for you to determine if that is ascending or descending.

  • The recent G-20 summit and discussions around currency agreements made me regret (a little) that I am no longer an actively researching academic. There is a lot of really interesting material, both theoretical and historical, around international exchange rate competition and cooperation. Fun fact to know and tell: the deputy secretary level bureaucrats that do all the preparatory work for these meetings are known as “sherpas” because they make it possible to get to the summit.
  • A faithful reader passes along the wonderful link “Higher intelligence associated with ‘thinking like an economist.’” (You have to scroll down a bit.) He also poses the very appropriate follow-up questions:  “But is the reverse necessarily true as well? Do economists think like highly intelligent people? Or is that simply a moot point since all economists are highly intelligent people?” That blog is cool enough to include in my blogroll on the right, at least for a while.
  •  That’s right–it’s tip-off time!!! The Tar Heels open the regular season against Lipscomb tonight. I know, I’ve never heard of them, either. But they return all five starters from the team that won their conference championship last year. And several big-name schools have had serious scares in their first games this year. I trust that won’t happen to the boys in blue.


  1. Happy basketball day!

  2. Hello Chris. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen any new posting on your site. I hope that doesn’t mean that you have completely given up your second shift role as a blogger and commentor on higher education (not to mention on Tar Heel Basketball).

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