Posted by: clholoman | March 2, 2011


It’s been pointed out to me recently by a number of people (well, a very small number) that I have let this blog go dormant. I knew that, and felt bad. But frankly, I’ve been swamped. But the encouragement and a little easing has me committed, at least in principle, to getting back in the saddle. But let’s ease into this gradually, shall we?

  • I’ve been saving this to put up when I had a chance. Lovely illustration of science and journalism:

  • BYU does some things that, as an educator, I’m not crazy about, but I really applaud their decision to kick their starting forward (and leading rebounder) Brandon Davies off the team for an honor code violation–academic cheating, if the rumors are to be believed. I watched their game against SDSU Saturday and I think they had a legitimate Final Four shot (along with a lot of other teams–boy, is this a “parity” (mediocre?) year in college b-ball.) Now, almost certainly not. Obviously, it was the right decision to make, but there are a lot of schools who would have delayed the decision, “pending an investigation.”
  • Big game for the Heels tonight. I can’t believe my blog hiatus corresponds to virtually the entire season. It’s been a fun one, so far. Tonight we have FSU, third best team in the ACC, at their place on Senior Night (and yes, they have some seniors who play.) UNC needs this one to stay tied w/Duke going into their game this weekend for the regular season ACC title (a mythical beast, BTW, but that’s another story.) I’m glad it’s a 7:00 game–I know I can stay awake to the end.


  1. doctor! we have a pulse!

  2. here we go Tar Heels, here we go! You’re back on the blog just in time for the big dance!

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