Posted by: clholoman | March 29, 2011

Open minds, open doors

[Apologies for borrowing 2/3 of my denomination’s tagline for an unrelated topic]*

Just a brief pointer to a very cool story. I am not unbiased when it comes to Oberlin College; not only was it a great place for my daughter, but they have such a long and distinguished history of providing equal access to higher education, a history that has a marvelous new chapter added:

Ralph Savarese’s son, DJ, will be the first nonspeaking person with autism to live in college dorms—and the first ever to attend a school as highly selective as Oberlin.

Disclaimer: This is the first time I’ve seen this web site; I can’t vouch for content beyond this story.

*: The United Methodist Church: Open hearts, open minds, open doors.




  1. That is so great for DJ. It is important and reassuring to see these factitious barriers to human development and achievment go by the wayside. Good luck to DJ and his family, too. I am going to mention this milestone in my two career development courses this term, at Walden University.
    Cheers- peter a. manzi, Supporter of Hilbert College.

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