Posted by: clholoman | August 18, 2011

Marking time

It’s a busy week at Hilbert. We had orientation for our first graduate students ever. It was very exciting and a great, diverse group.

We also had a good few days of faculty development. I am proud of my colleagues for their commitment to revisiting and improving their courses and their programs. The myth of faculty who have no interest in doing anything except rolling into class and lecturing from yellowed, decades-old notes is belied by what I see every day.

And tomorrow is our next-to-last freshman orientation. My usual role is to speak to the parents about “the academic experience” at Hilbert. It’s nice, because it helps me really condense down what it is we do and what makes us special into a few minutes. And it comes with a cool little 5 minute mini-lecture at the end. I’ll link to the power points when I’m back in the office tomorrow.

Speaking of power points, I really started this entry intending to go in a whole different direction about visual presentation of information, rather than a diary of my week. Sorry about that. But having started on that topic, it deserves more attention than I can give it tonight. But look for something on that tomorrow.


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