Posted by: clholoman | September 13, 2011


A couple of things for fun:

  • I’m a sucker for the whiteboard quick lectures; I think I blogged on one in the past. Here’s a new one that’s a teaser for Sylvia Nassar’s (author of A Beautiful Mind) new book, which appears to be a history of economics. I hadn’t heard of it before. I actually don’t think this “lecture” is particularly good; if I understand what she’s driving at, I think it’s obscured by the string of names and dates. But, as I say, I’m easily amused by these.
  • I was pointed to this from Gregg Easterbrook’s ESPN column Tuesday Morning Quarterback (TMQ). (Here’s this week’s; the item above came from an older column. I didn’t realize he started this season a few weeks ago, so I was catching up.) Easterbrook is very smart; this column is sort of moonlighting for him from his regular job as “author and lecturer” and he works in lots of other topics besides football–some serious, some silly. He’s also from Buffalo/Tonawanda originally, so local references sometimes find their way in. I’ve been reading TMQ since it started, I think, over on Slate. I suspect the column is a taste not everyone will acquire, and he does have many recurring items that may take a while to understand. (He also is a sci-fi geek and includes pictures of cheerleaders in his column. If either of these bother you, please don’t visit.) Some of his themes have begun to resonate in the wider world. For example, he is strongly of the opinion, backed by data, that NFL teams (well, really any football team) should go for it on 4th down almost all the time rather than punting. Several other writers, as well as one of our local sports-talk hosts, are now on this bandwagon. (Also of note is that his brother is Frank Easterbrook, a prominent, if somewhat controversial, judge on the Federal Circuit court bench. He was mentioned as possibly on the short list for Supreme Court vacancies in the Bush administration. I suspect he’s not reliably enough conservative in these partisan times. He’s also, BTW, a U of C alum and lecturer.)

Anyway, TMQ is fun to read over lunch, I think. Check it out, if it sounds like your kind of thing.






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