Posted by: clholoman | October 27, 2011

Three for Thursday

A potpourri of interesting articles today”

So, yes, we face a threat to our capitalist system. But it’s not coming from half-naked anarchists manning the barricades at Occupy Wall Street protests. Rather, it comes from pinstriped apologists for a financial system that glides along without enough of the discipline of failure and that produces soaring inequality, socialist bank bailouts and unaccountable executives.

It’s time to take the crony out of capitalism, right here at home.

  • Nate Silver, political data miner extraordinaire, on how unusual Herman Cain’s surge is. (Although the way he bullets his blog makes me think of Tufte’s argument about power point making us stupid. But I may be guilty of that too!)

Has there ever been a candidate with such strong polling but such weak fundamentals? Almost certainly not, at least not at this relatively advanced stage of the race.




  1. Chris, thanks for pointing to Kristoff’s opinion piece. He does a really good job of discussing the issues underlying the OWS protests. These protests are being too easily dismissed because they are seem unfocused and fringe. While they probably do have their share of loonies and at times more resemeble the leaderless self-improvement ‘Tavistock’ groups of the 1970s, the importance is not so much in what they are acomplishing as in understanding why they arose in the first place. They are the canary in the coal mine.

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