Posted by: clholoman | February 8, 2012

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Sorry for the hiatus. A miscellany of things:

  • The Scale of the Universe 2. I am a sucker for this sort of thing, finding it pretty mind-blowing. 2 notes: (1) requires Flash, so you iPad users might be out of luck; (2) for some reason, the authors are releasing this through game sites. I assumed I could find an original home site for it, but was not able to. The one I chose to link to is reputable, though.
  • A two for one of things I like: lists and movies. This guy is collecting various folk’s lists of  “favorite older films seen first in 2011.”  (There are a bunch in the blog archive on the right.) Interesting (disturbing?) to see what some people count as “older” and  “favorite.”)
  • Multiple big games tonight: White out the Hafner as Hilbert has a double header against D’Youville. And this year’s first game between Carolina and the forces of darkness. If you want to get ready, with a little recent history, watch here: Coming into the game ranked #1, Duke hosted senior night, honoring the National Player of the Year and all-time ACC leading scorer J.J. Redick and two-time National Defensive Player of the Year Shelden Williams. North Carolina, the defending national champions, had lost the whole core of the team that won it all the year before, but came into the game on a 7-game winning streak. UNC forward Tyler Hansbrough scored 27 points, fellow freshman Danny Green came up with the key defensive stop and the 13th ranked Tar Heels held off No. 1 Duke 83-76.

And from a different game:



  1. Wow! the “Scale of the Universe” is really cool. Also very humbling.

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