Posted by: clholoman | June 11, 2012

More than a third-rate burglary

Just a quickie today to keep the momentum up, and since the subject has gotten a lot of play around the internet today. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein published a very interesting retrospective on Watergate over the weekend. As I think I may have blogged about in the past, the fashion of labelling every scandal something-gate threatens to trivialize arguably the greatest abuse of power in U.S. history. As W&B say in their conclusion: “The Watergate that we wrote about in The Washington Post from 1972 to 1974 is not Watergate as we know it today. It was only a glimpse into something far worse. By the time he was forced to resign, Nixon had turned his White House, to a remarkable extent, into a criminal enterprise.”

And while, as a couple of commenters have noted , the guys seem a little worked up, I think that’s defensible. All big events change and fade in the popular memory as a smaller and smaller percentage of the population remembers them, but this is a case where the flawed collective memory may become dangerously misleading.

Also note at the end that they are apparently speaking tonight at 6:15 and it will be streamed live.


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