Posted by: clholoman | June 13, 2012

A tribute

I felt the need to note the death of Elinor Ostrom, a political scientist who won the Nobel Prize for economics, the only woman to do so. Her seminal book, Governing the Commons, came out right as I was finishing my dissertation. It was interesting, as we were dealing at a very basic level, with the same problem: how to achieve the cooperative outcome in the Prisoner’s Dilemma in the absence of (or as an alternative to) governmental regulation.  But our approaches and cases diverged quickly and widely enough that I didn’t scurry to take her work into account as I tried to get done. Obviously, hers was a lot better than mine! She was a great scholar, although (or and) always a little out of any particular mainstream. She was also, I hear, a very nice person; I heard her on a panel once, but never met her. So lift a glass, in a spirit of cooperation, to one of poli sci’s best.


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