Posted by: clholoman | February 22, 2013

Special Oscar edition

We’ll probably miss most of the Oscars this year, but couldn’t let them pass by without a mention. Here are a couple of fun mashups for your entertainment:

Here are all the Best Picture winners, in order. Can you name them as they go past? (There’s a list at the end.) I am surprisingly good in the early days (Thanks UNC film courses) and from 1957 on (although some of the more recent clips go by fast), but the 30s and early 50s are rougher for me.

And here’s a more random, but fun supercut. Note: rated PG-13 (or R , if you’re the sensitive type) for language;



  1. Just a few choice words 🙂

  2. […] a perfect way to start the year. If you’ve been reading this blog you know I love movies and am a sucker for a good supercut. And here we have one on Deans (or Provosts!) losing it. Note that language is PG-13 or higher. And […]

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