Posted by: clholoman | March 13, 2013

Having a fit

As mentioned  previously, I have been in a program designed to give the participants a chance to think deeply about one’s vocation and how it does or doesn’t fit with an institution’s mission. So I was drawn to this article in Inside Higher Ed, “Making Yourself ‘Fit.’” And while it does have some good things to say about “fit,” it turns out to be one of the best guides I have seen for people seeking faculty jobs (although a lot applies to staff or administrative positions as well) at teaching colleges and universities.  I doubt there are many job seekers reading this blog, but just in case–here you go. And others might find it a useful glimpse into how our corner of the world works.

And, on the off-chance that any of them are reading, greetings and thanks to our fellow participants in the program. Connie and I feel very privileged and thankful to have you for colleagues and, more importantly, new friends.



  1. Interesting article! Will file under “ways to get my spouse a job five years from now.”

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