Posted by: clholoman | May 6, 2013

A Spoonful of sugar

At the risk of going full geek, I commend to you Matthew Yglesias’s series on the economics of Game of Thrones (or Song of Ice and Fire, as the book series is titled.) The most recent entry is here, and you can follow a link there back to previous posts.  I’m not sure how enjoyable they would be if you weren’t at least a bit familiar with the source works, but I still think they might be entertaining in using traditional economic concepts to think about a complex fictional world. And if you are watching (or reading) it is a fun supplement and an easy way to learn some economics.  I’m not as convinced by this last post, as I don’t know where he gets his data on the welfare of peasants in the North, but it is still kind of cool, at least to us nerds.


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