Posted by: clholoman | May 13, 2013

Requiem for a heavyweight

Requiescat in pace to Kenneth Waltz, one of the true giants in the field of International Relations. As this post from one of the most widely read political science blogs notes, he wrote two incredibly significant books; they basically set the structure of debate in IR theory, at least in the ’80s when I was in grad school. And while neorealism has not been able to completely fend off challenges, it remains, I suspect, the most widely held theoretical approach, particularly among policymakers and others not inclined or accustomed to wrestling with theoretical nuance. My recollection is that Theory of International Politics would be accessible to the non-IR scholar (unfortunately, my copy is either mis-shelved or has been absconded with, so I can’t double-check.)

But IR theory can can wait for another day. We pause to salute the passing of a great scholar.


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