Posted by: clholoman | May 16, 2013

From the Foreign Affairs desk

A couple of nice bits from Foreign Affairs, which I quote with some regularity. Unfortunately, they have put much of their content behind an expensive pay wall recently, but I think you should be able to see these two.

  • A good set of brief reflections on the work of Kenneth Waltz, whose passing was noted below. The one by Richard Betts (the professor, not the Allman Brothers guitarist) in particular, gives you a nice feel for the strengths and weaknesses of Waltz’s work. (Even if they did kind of steal my title.)
  • A very smart post by Dan Drezner (again) that really capures my feelings about Paul Krugman perfectly, while also performing quite a takedown of Michael Kinsley. I’ve followed Kinsley a long time and think he is very smart. He also deserves lots of credit for being an early proponent and provider of quality on-line content as the founder of Slate.  But here he has fallen into the pundit’s trap of going one step too far and in doing so, gone from a reasonable, if not terribly exciting, point, to a more provocative conclusion that is just wrong–in this case, on both economics and history. (Note that this all is tied, in part, to the dust-up about austerity brought about by the article noted in my 4/16 post below.)

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