Posted by: clholoman | June 20, 2013

Random cool stuff

I should probably add a new category for posts “stuff I think is cool” because there really isn’t another rationale for these items (although both have novel dynamic maps, and maps are a sub-sub theme of this blog.)

I wish I knew more science, but this blows my mind anyway. An animated map of the universe; each of those dots are GALAXIES!

The video is about 17 minutes long and some of the narrator’s English is a little hard to understand, but you can get the drift. And check out this blog post for the background.

Next, this very nice piece of journalism/storytelling. I have no real idea when this was published; not recently I don’t think. But I just stumbled on it yesterday. It’s a pretty interesting story, but it is really compelling, to me at least, as a great example of how to use multimedia. The video interviews don’t add a lot, but the animated maps that unscroll synchronized with your reading of the story is great. Again, this wll take you a while to work through.

And finally, this just came across while I was writing this. Steven Colbert’s touching tribute to his mom:


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