Posted by: clholoman | September 2, 2013

Farewell to a giant

How’s this for a life:

  • Have the most cited law review article of all time
  • Have a basic theorem named after you, pretty much inventing the field of “law and economics”
  • Win a Nobel Prize–the first law school faculty member anywhere to do so
  • Live to 102, and be productive, by all reports, up until close to the end

RIP to Ronald Coase.

Here’s a very brief summary of his most famous article with a link to the whole thing.

Here’s his faculty profile, not yet updated with his death.

Note that he also taught at UB for a bit and they gave him an honorary degree a few years ago. I will gladly ride his coattails as one of a fairly small group that have both UofC and UB ties.


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