Posted by: clholoman | November 22, 2013

We Are Family

Believe it or not, this blog still exists. This fall has been crazy at work, for reasons many of you are aware. But I stir again for a brief (and off topic [ed. note: there’s a topic?]) post.

I am blessed by a great family that are all accomplished in their own ways. Two of my three brothers blog, and one is very nice for today:

My oldest brother curates and contributes to a musicology blog and today offers a personal perspective on the Kennedy’s essential contributions to the arts:

For those of us who lived nearto, the Kennedys’ Camelot, where it came to good music, is as clear and true a memory as Leonard Bernstein and the Young People’s Concerts. A fond recollection of national intelligence and taste and beauty—yes, glamor. Something, indeed, of lasting consolation.

My younger brother also blogs about a variety of topics, some of particular interest to folks in our home town of Raleigh, where he still resides, others more general.

Caution: he posts with about the same frequency as I do:

They are both terrific writers (as is our other non-blogger!) and I am proud to have them all as brothers.



  1. Thanks! I have a post in the hopper that was inspired by articles on “What’s So Liberal…”, I hope to apply myself to real soon now. Until then you might enjoy this recent one on MOOCs if you haven’t seen it already– seems to have a better signal-to-noise ratio than most.

    Happy TG to you, yours, and your readers!

    PS I post more often that you do.

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