Posted by: clholoman | July 28, 2014


It seems appropriate* to wake this blog back from the dead to feature an interesting article by blog favorite Dan Drezner, While we have been dark, he has taken his on-line presence from Foreign Policy to the Washington Post. Today’s post, to which a follow-up is promised, is a very nice piece on rival visions of what’s going on in the world today. This divide is reminiscent, but not identical, to the classic split between “realists” and those once labelled “idealists” and later more accurately, if clumsily, known as “neo-liberal institutionalists.” The question there is whether sovereign nation-states can be constrained by institutions. Also at play is another related, but not identical, fundamental question to IR scholars, as to how much account one needs to take of non-state actors. When I was an active IR researcher, I thought that institutions could constrain nation-states under some circumstances, but was less convinced of the need to include other non-state actors (like terrorist groups) in analysis. Obviously, facts on the ground right now seem to suggest (!) that that might be wrong.

*Appropriate because Drezner has published a well-received book: Theories of International Politics and Zombies.

And a shout out to anyone who found this after my presentation at Hilbert orientation last Friday. It was a great group and we are always excited to welcome our new students and their families.


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