Posted by: clholoman | May 27, 2015

The Heat Is On

Blog fav Dan Drezner posted his summer reading list yesterday, and that seemed like a fun idea to steal build upon. A couple of his entries look interesting to me:

And for the other side of my professional hat, I just got these (I really only ordered the first one and the second one appeared along with it; I’m not quite as pessimistic as this makes it look (yet?):

And for fun, first, two things I am in the middle of:

  • Shelby Foote’s 3 volume history of the Civil War. I’ve gotten bogged down in this at least once before, but I am attributing that to how physically large the books are–makes it hard to read in bed. I am making better progress now that I have them on Kindle, but I started over. Just coming up on Shiloh, so still a long way to go.
  • Lila, by Marilyn Robinson. If you haven’t read any of her work, start now. This is the third book in the fictional town of Gilead, and I suggest you start with the first one, with that as the title. But it’s probably not necessary. She is a prose craftsman. I read her very slowly to savor the words.

And finally, this was lent to me with a very high recommendation a good long time ago. It’s dauntingly long, but I need to read it and return to owner:

There is no way I am going to finish (or even start?) all of these, but you know what Daniel Burnham said: “make no little plans…” How about you? What are you reading or planning to?

ETA a couple of other, more summer-y, lists:


  1. Since you asked:

    I can’t really say what I will really end up reading, however, the following are currently stacked on the nightstand:
    Being Mortal (Gawande). perhaps getting to this a few months too late.
    As I Lay Dying (Faulkner). Have to see what the rucus is about.
    Essentialism (McKeown) must. have. focus.
    Billy Martin (Pennington)
    The Power of Habit (Dunigg)
    Influencer (Patterson et al) So hard to read about work after a nice full day of it.
    On the Move (Sachs)
    Allan Turing: The Enigma (Hodges) bogged down here. I almost have him through his freshman year.
    Tudor (deLisle) since someone (!) got me interested in the Tudors on Netflix.
    Einstein’s Dice and Schrodinger’s Cat (Halpern)

    Good luck with Foote. I lasted 50% of the set. Will check out Robinson.

    I have an amount to say about Spring reads here:

  2. […] my post about summer reading, I noted my profound love and admiration for Marilynne Robinson as a novelist. Since then, she has […]

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