Posted by: clholoman | July 4, 2016


Odd, given the title of the previous post, but this will close out this blog. Even though the content, apart from the picture at the top, is not very Hilbert-centric, the conclusion of my time there seems like an appropriate moment to end this project. It’s been fun for me and, as I said below, I don’t think I’ve said anything egregiously wrong. Although higher education in general and private higher ed in particular seems almost overwhelmingly challenging these days, I remain steadfast in my belief that the power of a liberal arts education to change lives and society is unique. I am excited about my chance to continue this work in a new place and role.

I will try to find some outlet for my musings once I get settled at Centenary, but who knows what form that might take. Blogging seems a little passé, doesn’t it? Any suggestions are welcome.

So, to crib from one of my favorite TV shows:


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